Safe by More than a Hairbreadth

Coronavirus, may have locked up communities and cities, and sent the partying crowd into emotional meltdowns, but it has also made some people render gratitude to their foresighted parents.

Fizzy, originally Faizan Khatoon, wife of the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kim – originally Qaiser – Nanwala, has been stuck at home since the coronavirus outbreak has gotten all her parties cancelled.

Fizzy is not alone.

Dr. Nanwala, the man behind many enticing smiles and alluringly reshaped proboscis, is none too hopeful that the 99th Annual Meeting is organized by American Association of Plastic Surgeons, would be held as scheduled May 2 to 5 in Chicago. He had successfully lobbied to get Bollywood’s Nora Fatehi invited who is known for the dazzling dance on ‘O Saki Saki’ from the movie Batla House.

Yes, Kim may also be apprehensive over not sharing photos of his latest conquests of smiles tailored to match the photos of Hollywood and Bollywood divas that his clients challenge him with.

Equally frizzled is Fizzy’s best friend, Ginny, originally Ghairat Bibi of Uggu Chak of district Gujranwala. She being the wife of Dr. Tee – originally Taj Din – Deen, the re-shaper of many a cheek that formerly the best of rouge or blushers could not help. In short, where Lancôme and Estee Lauder failed, Tee came to the rescue.

The cellphone rings and Ginny and Fizzy get into the eleventh session of their chats since morning.

“Ginny, this corona is so awful…” toned Fizzy.

“Fizzy, you are just calling it awful … yes, Fizzy, see this commercial for Corona beer has come up… I can’t imagine how these people are allowed to sell … in fact, even how to advertise the Corona beer. Must some beer promotion company that got this virus named such so people take it lightly!

“Yes, we don’t drink this thing. But I am worried about Tee’s friend, Jim, because he has tubs of this thing when he hosts his barbecues! Jim is such fun… he always teases Tee, calling him ‘Coffee’.

“Fizzy, like so many people are posting long articles on this corona on their Facebook and Twitter…”

Fizzy quickly adds, “Ginny, I am really worried about Rinny [originally Rahima Begum, wife of Mike Shake – originally Maqsud Sheikh, the man behind many a cultural evenings fronted by Bollywood idols] … yes, poor Rinny. It was only in January that Mike invited us to her 60th birthday celebration at the Bombay Heaven.

“Poor girl. Ginny, you are reading all these Facebook things that corona can infect anyone, but it’s older adults — ages 60 and up — who are more likely to get seriously sick from it. I feel like crying for her. Poor Rinny doesn’t look like thirty…”

“Yes, yes, yes… Ginny… our Rinny is the real fizz of the parties…”

“Fizzy, don’t ever mention the parties till this corona is there. How many parties it has killed by now. Imagine all the spring colors coordinated clothes I had ordered from Chinyere and Satrangi only arrived three days before this corona news broke out … imagine, we wouldn’t be wearing spring colors in fall… this reminds me that I am calling them today for my fall wardrobe… And who would wear pink diamond sets in fall…”

“Ginny, let us hope that this corona runs away much before fall…”

“Fizzy… we were talking about Rinny turning sixty in January … thank God, may He bless my parents. They had such foresight that when they took me for school admission, they backdated my birthday by five years…”

“Ginny… mine too. May God bless them. Yes, we are safe by more than a hairbreadth.”

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