The author, Omer Bin Abdullah, is a seasoned journalist, editor, satirist, writer and poet — and gardener. Since 1994, he has been editor of a national nonprofit organization’s magazine which he has revamped into a nationally-distributed award-winning publication. Today, with its winning content and design, the magazine has a roster of writers and loyal advertisers — and also researchers.  His second alma mater—Punjab University being the first—Syracuse University, recognized this success story by featuring Omer on the cover of their 2005 “Syracuse Portraits” edition of the university’s magazine.

  • If you want to know what I have been doing in real life since 1995, please read more.

NOTE: Whatever appears on Chai Why is satire. Also, Omer’s writings do not reflect the views of his employers in any manner whatsoever.

You can take the Lahori out of Pakistan, but you can’t take Lahore out of the Lahori. 

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